Skateboard Decks

Our decks are a pro-quality skateboard deck constructed from traditional 7-ply maple wood. Background stains may vary. 
Manufactured with a single deck press technique that keeps the shape consistent from board to board to ensure you get what you desire every time.


1. 7-ply Canadian maple construction.
2. 100% Canadian hard rock maple.
3. Cold pressed prevent cracking and warping.
4. USA Flanklin glue durable good pop.
5. Cold pressed with USA brand white glue.
6. Exactly measurement for decks' size L*W,WB,NOSE,TAIL.
7. high quality heat transfer graphics printting on our factory.
8. From Canada import hard rock maple logs,rotary veneers,pressed decks,shapeing,sanding,panitting,transfer graphic,packing all produce on our factory.

deck specification

Complete Skateboard

Complete 9x42" Longboard

This set-up comes ready to roll with 7-ply maple deck, Tensor trucks, wheels, shielded bearings and allen hardware.

Blank Skateboard Deck

Traditional 7-ply Canadian maple wood construction

Complete Color Skateboard

Maple Complete 5.875"x25.5", Colorful for your choice. Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Blue, Neon Purple.